Pharmakon - New Album and Upcoming Tour

Margaret Chardiet, a.k.a. Pharmakon has been breaking barriers between performer and audiences since the mid-'00s, when she was surfing, as a teenage noise-maker, the New York scene. 

Several cassette-tapes, CD-R releases and two albums on Sacred Bones Records later, she has also made quite a bit of noise around her name. Her upcoming third album, Contact, is out on 31st March, and will be followed by a tour of Europe and North America. The release celebrates her tenth anniversary in extreme, experimental sound and is packed with Pharmakon's signature shrieks, shrills and Banshee screams in a backdrop of power electronics and perfectly executed industrial chaos.  

London welcomes Chardiet on April 25th at Electrowerkz, in what we expect to be an exercise in sublimely uncomfortable, ground-breaking listening.

Here comes a taster of what's coming up, via Pharmakon's performance at The Print Shop as part of Mike Kelly's Night at the Museum at MOMA PS1

Casual Nun: Would You Care For Some Green Tea?

London psych quintet Casual Nun have just released their new video Green Tea in typically heavily hypnotic, ear-wrecking mood. Mickey Dreamkey's black and white video of found footage in no way limits the mind-bending journey.

EL VY - I'm The Man To Be

Suggestive lyrics, sarcastic humour and funky sex beats.

This is EL VY - The National's vocalist Matt Berninger together with multi-instrumentalist/producer Brent Knopf. And they seem to be in a great mood. Watch the video and try to keep up to Berninger's moves of utter cool (well, that was kinda sarcastic too..).

Tipo Uísque - How Could You Pretend I Wouldn't Notice?

Mega synchronisation between old dance footage and Rio de Janeiro's Tipo Uísque's alternative rock.

Enjoy - and learn some good moves:)