Juana Molina Introduces New Video Paraguaya

The always intriguing Argentine artist released her seventh album Halo on May 5th.

The following video for Paraguaya opens the door to an album that declares Molina, once again, as an intriguing and curious experimentalist, exploring the fascinating sonic fields of alternative pop and latin folk.

Tony Conrad: Completely In The Present

There's so much to be said about Tony Conrad

Holy unpredictable and unconventional avant-gardist surviving (by choice) on cheap rent in '60s New York, he was casually and regularly surrounded by the likes of experimental filmmaker Jack Smith and a budding Velvet Underground

Tyler Hubby's documentary Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present includes insightful interviews with the likes of John Cale and downright mad clips of Conrad's visionary, ground-breaking practices - among which were his fondness for time-defying drones and mega statements like how he wanted to bring the death of composition.

There's still a couple of days that you can catch it on Mubi (via the 7-day free trial, if you don't want to opt for the membership) - or, simply find it wherever you can. 

We need more people that can subvert what we thought we knew about music, art, and reality itself for that matter. He will be much missed.

The mind-blowing drones of Outside The Dream Syndicate 

X Japan - A Live Blast From The Past

X Japan bring ultimate metal madness and live music ecstasy with this thundering performance from 1990.

Boom Boom Satellites - Broken Mirror

A little reminder of what a killer guitar is all about in this power-clip from the Japanese duo.

Suarasama Ensemble in an Alchemic Journey

A band of ethnomusicologists from Indonesia show how blending fresh ideas with tradition can be an inspirational way forward.